Prostate Drops

Prostate Drops

Strauss Naturals


Strauss Prostate Support Drops™ help support healthy urinary flow and the urinary tract. These easy to take, liquid drops come in a refreshing Spearmint flavour.

Strauss’s Prostate drops are highly regarded by those who order them. A 3 month course is recommended, which can be repeated annually. Strauss’s synergistic blend of herbs includes SAW PALMETTO, NETTLE (traditionally used to treat urinary tract inflammation), JUNIPER BERRY

Strauss Prostate drops contains 10 selected complimenting herbal ingredients for maximum efficacy and safety. Some of the herbs have similar action or intent to provide a broader spectrum of efficacy on a greater number of people. Other herbs are included to provide synergy.

Liquid extracts are the most bio available and concentrated form of our herbal formulas and can be absorbed by the body in minutes, even if your digestive system is compromised. Being more concentrated, doses are much smaller and more convenient.

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Saw Palmetto, Bilberry, Nettle, Juniper, Birch, Corn Silk, Linden, White Willow, Goldenseal, Uva Ursi.