Cardio Calm

Cardio Calm

Strauss Naturals


Cardio Calm™ contains a synergistic blend of herbs, including calming and stabilizing Hawthorn extract, traditionally used to help support a healthy cardiovascular system in adults.

Cardio Calm™ contains 7 selected complimenting herbal ingredients for maximum efficacy and safety. Some of the herbs have similar action or intent to provide a broader spectrum of efficacy on a greater number of people. Other herbs are included to provide synergy.

This formula can be taken with the Heartdrops® for ultimate cardiovascular support

Supplement Facts – Serving size: 1 ml to 3ml (0.03 -0.10fl.oz.) Servings per container: 225

Amount per serving: Proprietary blend 1.0 – 3.0 g extracts of: Hawthorn fruit, Skullcap herb top, Indian sarsaparilla root, Peppermint leaf, European Mistletoe leaf, Hawthorn leaf & flower, Cayenne fruit.

Other ingredients: Water, ethanol, glycerine, spearmint flavouring