Macro Mineral Boost

Macro Mineral Boost

Hardy Nutritionals


Hardy Nutritionals® Macro Mineral Boost contains all of the essential minerals the body needs—in a highly absorbable format—at levels that can help support better health.

Macro Mineral Boost is all about minerals! All of the ingredients (even the vitamins) are in some way connected to boosting mineral function.

In addition to the above, it contains three other naturally mineral-rich ingredients:

  1. Great Salt Lake minerals - contains a complete array of naturally-occurring minerals from the Great Basin of the Rocky Mountains.
  2. Atlantic kelp - very rich in iodine, but also rich in many other ocean minerals.
  3. Bamboo leaf extract - A mineral-dense, rich source of silica.

How Does Macro Mineral Boost Differ From Other Mineral Supplements?

Minerals are difficult to supplement effectively. Many supplements either use poor forms or leave out some of the essential trace minerals in order to be space and cost-efficient. Even though it can be bulky, our NutraTek™ mineral delivery uses organic, bioavailable minerals and is comprehensive—including all the essential and trace minerals in a balanced formulation.

Macro Mineral Boost:

  • Is immune-boosting
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Helps build healthy bones and teeth, and reduce the risk of bone fractures.
  • Provides antioxidant and metabolism support
  • Can increase energy, vitality, and oxygen delivery
  • Provides electrolytes for heart and muscle function
  • Includes Great Salt Lake minerals and kelp for joint mobility, brain health, and nerve function

In this day and age, when our food is often treated with herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, artificial colours, and phosphates, our plates are depleted of essential minerals. Macro Mineral Boost replaces those minerals and provides the key elements the body needs to optimize mental and physical health.

Macro Mineral Boost can be added to any of our other products, including Daily Essential Nutrients, for those with higher than average nutrient needs.